Why Canada Ban Colleges In Quebec?

3 College Ban in Quebec From Canada

Quebec, a predominantly French-speaking province in Eastern Canada, has two vibrant cities in its south and is connected by the Chemin du Roy highway along the Saint Lawrence River.

The metropolis Montreal, the triple-peaked hill, which is named after Mt. Royal, is locales at its heart. Dating back to 1608, the city of Quebec retains its old colonial core; Place Royale, historic harbour and Vieux Port are now popular for nightlife.

Quebec is also known for its spectacular Education System.

The diplomas and degrees that the educational institutions of Quebec provide are acknowledged around the world. Also, the quality of education provided is excellent, tuition fees and living costs are feasibly affordable.

Additionally, shorter programs and the much-acclaimed Quebec Experience Program, also known as PEQ, make Quebec a suitable destination for international students. Moreover, the comprehensive living expense is considered the lowest in Quebec in Canada.

Nevertheless, this is not what we are about to notify you of. This weblog is about college bans in Quebec in Canada. Intrigued? We thought so! So let’s begin with the reasons for the topmost 3 college bans in Quebec in Canada.

The immigration department of Quebec has claimed its suspension of applications to 10 particular institutions for the Foreign Students Program, succeeding a ruling by Superior Court.


Ministry of Immigration

On December 30, 2020, the Ministry of Immigration, Francisation, and Integration (MIFI) announced the temporary suspension of the receipt and processing of study permit applications for the ten institutions. Those institutions were being investigated or examined by the Ministry of Higher Education (MES).

The suspension was up till March 31, 2021, and it involved the proceeding of the applications that were previously submitted, in addition to the receipt of new applications also.

A MIFI statement stated that the suspensions were being lifted because of remarkable potential suspicious practices brought to use to recruit international students.

Nonetheless, pursuing a legal provocation by Cegep de la Gaspesie et des lies- a specific institution from the list- the Superior Court of Quebec ruled on 11th January that the proceedings and the receipt of all the applications should recommence.

MIFI declared that while the Court found the department’s distrust of certain institutions reasonable, “the suspension constitutes a significant inconvenience for these students. who organized their lives to studying in Quebec this winter.”

Among the ten institutions or colleges, the 3 topmost are as follows:

• M College of Canada;
• Matrix College of Management, Technology, and Healthcare;
• Canada College inc.

Gaining Education from Canada is a dream for numerous students worldwide because it offers the best of best education globally, that too with the privilege of a quality lifestyle in a beautiful country.

Yet like any other country, Noé everything is certain with Canada’s education system. There are some loopholes as well that exist in the entire structure. This has come to notice that some of the renowned and prestigious institutions have failed to meet up the standards designed by the government body, the reason being that there has been a temporary or permanent ban on such institutions.

How can we know if a college is blacklisted?

The best possible way to know if a college has been blacklisted is to do thorough research on the institution that you intend to admit yourself to. Your contacts can also help you through the process of those who have been there or happened to live in that particular place.

Consequences that students might face if they graduate from a blacklisted college.

The major consequence or impact that students might face when graduating from a blacklisted college could be that they might not be considered suitable for any job in Canada.

There can be an issue of acquiring a residence permit as well, the requirement for which is to have studied in Canada for a majority of years before being allowed the permit, and that too if it is disclosed that the government blacklists the college, then it might get very difficult to live permanently in the country.

Also, not only in Canada, but it can prove not easy to get a job anywhere else in the world, too, as the certificate granted by the college might not receive any recognition. International students may also face the possibility of expulsion if the Government chooses to shut down the institution permanently.

These were some important details about the education system in Canada, particularly about the loopholes that exist in the Canadian Education System, the college bans in Quebec, and the consequences attached to these.

As we are concluding the blog, we would like to request you to always do thorough research work before stepping into an important sphere in life.

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