TR to PR work permit extension

if you have applied for TR to PR pathway and you need to extend your work permit

first of all, we wish you all the best in your application

click on every blue text if you need more information if no just continue

yes you can apply for an open work permit

1. who can apply

Principal applicant

and family members

2. When you can apply

If you have a valid work permit

You can apply up to 4 months before your current work permit expires. Your family members can apply at any time.

3. All other applicants and their family members

You can apply at any time if any of the following apply:

you’ve maintained your status

you’re eligible to restore your status

you’re a spouse/common-law partner or a dependent child of a principal applicant for the PR pathway

4. How to start your application

1. Once you sign in to your cic GC key account if you do not have please create an account by clicking here for free

you need to sign in by clicking here

go to the Start your application section on the account welcome page

after sign in you gonna click on apply to come to Canada

then choose

on the next page, scroll down to the I do not have a personal reference code section

Click on the “Visitor visa, study and/or work permit” button

on the next page, select “Work”

 so you need to  click visitor visa, study and/or work permit in this window

 (please note next questions will be according to your answers we are giving you these photos just to give you an idea and at the end also the available options will be according to your answers

if need you also need to apply for your spouse then choose answers according to that and at the end, you can fill the application form and you can pay fees for both applications in the same account )

we are showing pictures just as an example

if you are already in Canada

then the country of residence will be Canada in the answer

press next

then next and you need do answers like this

answer all questions very carefully

You would like to work temporarily—more than 6 months.

Workers and students must select “Worker” when asked What is your current immigration status in Canada?

Does one of the following apply to you?

choose I am applying for an open work permit under an active public policy or pilot program announced by IRCC

here are fees associated with this application. Will you be paying your fees or are you fee exempt?

choose yes

it will give you options

What type of work permit are you applying for?

select open work permit

When you fill out the Application to Change Conditions or Extend my Stay or Remain in Canada as a Worker

and a window will pop up like this

5. application form

fill and sign and validate the application form

in the application form IMM5710

enter the following in the ‘Details of Intended work in Canada’ section:

Box 4: Job title and brief description of duties

Enter “TRPR pathway PP OWP” in the Job Title box

Enter the name of the PR stream you applied under in the Brief description of duties box. It must be one of the 6 streams listed below:

Workers in Canada: Health care

Workers in Canada: Essential non-healthcare

International graduates from a Canadian institution

French-speaking workers in Canada: Health care

French-speaking workers in Canada: Essential non-healthcare

French-speaking international graduates from a Canadian institution


For the Duration of expected employment, they need to know how long you’d like your permission to be valid.

Enter the date you’d like to start working as the Start date.

You can ask for an End date that’s no later than December 31, 2022.

6. documents required

Copy of fees receiptProof of fee exemption

Proof that you were allowed to work(work or study permit)

Proof of language test result

Proof you applied for the temporary resident to permanent resident pathway

Copy of your passport (all pages must be included)

Digital photo

Family Information Form (IMM 5707)

medical if required

a marriage certificate if applicable

Birth certificates for any accompanying family members

  • upload this with your Family Information Form

PAY THE fees and submit the application

7. an application form you need to fill and validate in adobe just simply clicking validate after fill the form

then upload all required documents

and Application form

to access the Application form click here

if you are not able to open this form  and the following error message is on the screen

then you need to download adobe acrobat pro on your laptop or pc

after uploading all documents

there will be an option for payment

8. and after payment, you will be able to submit the application

please note( if you need time to upload or complete few documents please press the save/exit button

it will save your application and you can leave the screen if you want

all you need to do is

login back into GC key account

and it will show your application just press  continue)

9. you will get your confirmation in your email that you have submitted an application

processing time can be up 90 days or longer due to covid-19 and high applications volume

once you have submitted you have completed your responsibility

you are all set

if you need more information regarding this application please click here to visit the official website

Canadian immigration services may contact you if they need any additional information

once it’s approved  you will get an email confirmation in your cic GC key account

and a paper WORK PERMIT will be in the mailbox within 15 days

please note your SIN  also expires on the same day when your study or work permit expires

after 2 or 3 days you will get a letter in email that will show you are eligible for work until we make any decision on your file

so you can start work immediately after receiving  that letter

 and wait for results

we wish  you all the best

thanks for reading


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