Need Police Clearance (PCC)

We know when you need a Police clearance certificate you cannot wait too long

and especially when you need it for immigration purposes

how to get PCC from India? we will post regarding this too

but for today we are providing you with very helpful information about Canadian police clearance

we recommend you to get an RCMP police check from the official website of the RCMP

but if you already applied and did not get it yet but you need RCMP police clearance

and you cannot wait for more

then you can get a Police clearance certificate from Triton Canada and you can upload where it’s needed

but if you get RCMP official result report later on then you can provide it if anyone asks you to do  that

and we do not recommend you to use triton Canada POLICE clearance for immigration purpose

But you can get your police record certificate within 15 minutes in your email if you use TRITON Canada

you can get this certificate from Triton Canada

which is 100% secure and with accurate information

and your police check will be conducted by RCMP you can see in the picture of results here

All you need to do is click here

1. fill your all personal information

such as


Email and confirm it and click on agree

Place of Birth and country


Date of birth

Phone number

choose gender

and  for the next question

I wish to have one or more hard copies mailed to my current address*.

answer NONE

if you need only a digital copy in the mail if you need a hard copy at the home mailbox

then choose how many but you need to pay extra for that

Click on agree and next

2. add all addresses for the last 5 years

Just click on add if you need to add a new one

then click next

3. Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (CRJMC)

choose yes or no

and next

4. Review all information 

5. Authorization and consent


you just need to sign as I did please do not copy 

do clear signature as clear you can

if need to write again click on clear

6. then most important is payment

choose your payment method and pay the service fees

7. Submit

just click on submit and you will get a digital copy of your police check-in provided email within 15 minutes

if not please check the spam or junk email folder

if you chose also hard copy then it will be also delivered to the mailbox but it can take up to 15 days


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thanks for reading

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