Mail forwarding moving to new address ?

if you are moving to a new address

then you should change your address on following

if you do not change your address at driver’s license it can be a problem for you

when you must update the new address 

in Ontario

  • driver’s licence and vehicle permit (the green ownership document) within 6 days
  • health card within 30 days


If you do not update officer can give you a ticket or warning

how to do 

Driver’s license 

vehicle’s ownership

for both  of these, you can do it online for Ontario by clicking here

you would need a License vehicle’s ownership and  health card in hand to fill information

or you can go to service Ontario to do it

vehicle’s insurance  

you can call or email them

Bank account 

you can do it online or by in-person at home branch

CRA account

or personal and business you can call them or do it online

update your address to the employer

by email or call

at your CIC account online

if you have submitted and you should send a web form or email to inform immigration about it

and most important is MAIL FORWARDING for new address


whats that

if you moved to another address and you do not want to miss any important mail

you must apply for this

they gonna send your all mails to your new address even without updating the address anywhere

if you do not want mail at a new address as well

then you can choose the option for PO Box

At the nearest Canada post location

then they will put all your mails in that box

So you can collect those from there

sounds good?

how to apply for mail forwarding

its very simple

you can do it by following few steps

click here  to open the link for Canada post

Click on sign in or sign up

for sign up

choose personal or business

fill the name

and all information and security questions and answers

then add an additional name

you can add additional names of your family or friends who moved from the same address and to the same address

and if you add up to 3-5 people then the amount you need to show will  show according to that

fill previous address and fill new address

choose for how long you want to forward you mails

you can choose according to you

then make a payment

then just wait for an email confirmation

and then you will get a mail for identification

for that, they will give you all instructions

and a barcode

just go to any nearest Canada post

to verify yourself

only main applicant needs to go there not those who added as additional names

you can find Canada post at most of Shoppers drug mart stores and in the nearest plaza

go there and show the barcode

show your two-piece of  ID

and you will be all set

you will get all your mails to the new address

please note do this at least a week earlier from moving because it also takes 3-4 days time  to effective

and Canada post will also alert you a few days earlier when your service gonna be finish

so please meanwhile update your address from everywhere

please note the documents like PR card Health card and driver’s license etc.  which are very important to deliver at the same address provided by you

they will not be forwarded to a new address

so please update the new address for these all before moving

so you will not miss any of these

thank you for reading

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