Lost or stolen passport with US visa ?

if your passport was lost or stolen with a US visa

do not worry you will get this question solved here and you will get your US visa again

if you wanna apply for the first time US visa or you have expired a visa then also you can apply by clicking here

what do you need to get a US visa again on the new passport?

you need a

valid new passport

you must apply for a new passport first

if you have it then you need to provide  digital copies of passport pages front back and stamped pages with entries

 police report 

when your passport is stolen or lost you must file a police complaint at the local police station of the area where that happens

then they will provide you with a complaint number you can ask for a copy of your report

you will need this next

Request Replacement of a Lost/Stolen

Arrival/Departure Record (Form I-94)

i94 is a slip American officials provide you on arrival

and it keeps your all entries in the system

you need to request for that

Click here for an application form 

Click here for instructions form

Click here to get travel history  by i94

you will need to print these all pages of i94 and take these as proof  with you at the time of the interview

Report your Visa Lost/Stolen to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate Abroad

To report your visa lost or stolen, email the Consular Section at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate outside the United States which issued your visa.

Go to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate website to locate the email address and contact information.

Be sure to include your full name, date of birth, place of birth, address in the United States, and an e-mail address (if available). Specifically, state whether the visa was lost or stolen.

If you have a copy of the passport or visa,

scan and email this to the embassy or consulate.

Otherwise, if known, report the category of visa, and the passport number from the lost/stolen visa

if you found your old passport and visa after reporting lost or stolen then that will be invalid 



Apply  for a Replacement U.S. Visa

Lost or stolen U.S. visas cannot be replaced in the United States. For replacement of a visa, you must apply in person at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad. When applying for the replacement of a visa, you will need to provide a written account documenting the loss of your passport and visa. Include a copy of the police report.

then you need to apply  for a visa again with the information and documents we have provided above

all process is same that how you applied first time for the visa but need to answer a question like following we have provided you images

we are going to provide you with all the information step by step for visa category B1 AND B2 you can choose your own by following these steps

B1 AND B2 IS combination for business and tourism category

its include if you want to drive the truck to the states

or you want to go to states for tourism purpose

do not just google it and apply by and third party site because they will charge you extra

you just need to apply by Government’s site

1. you need to go to the right site which is accessible by clicking here

the application form name is DS-160


if you are applying as family members then also you need to fill DS160 for every single applicant

this window will open by clicking that link

Select a location and country  where you will be applying for this visa on the right side of the screen

for example, choose Canada Toronto if are applying from Toronto

and Australia, UK where ever you are currently living 

then enter the code showing on the screen

then enter the code showing on the screen

2. then click on START AN APPLICATION

then this window will pop up

Click on agree on the left

take picture of the application id

choose a question and answer

you will need it after and click continue

(please make sure this application gonna take almost 2 hours

so you can do it in many parts as you want

so » Save your application frequently. The system will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity, and you will lose all unsaved information. and you will have to do it again 

so click on save every time


and you need need to note the APPLICATION ID because you will need to fill in the information

whenever you wish to login back to this form

and then you gonna choose location, fill the code and choose


then it will ask you a security answer and application id)


after clicking continue you will see this window

on the left, you can see all parts of this form you need to fill

and after filling in all parts you will need to upload a photo as you can see next to the complete portion on the top

and review after this and final one is sign

but on the same screen, this is the bottom part

click on save every time and then click next

please note you need to fill in surname even you do not have on your document

you will choose the following options if you are applying for replacement of visa

these were answers you should choose when applying for replacement of visa

so please fill the application form very carefully

they gonna ask you questions in the interview

and photo must not be older than the last 6 months

when you will go for an interview you will need to take a printed photo

with the stamp at the back with the date of the taken photo

and when you will review and sign the application online

you do not need to print the application form to sign

you just need to write nay by using keyword in the sign box

after sign

you will see a confirmation number 

this number is very important

you will also get a confirmation page with a barcode in your email

you need to print it and take it with you to the interview

3. how to make payment for fees and book an appointment

do not just google, it will show you like this

and we choose the top one which is advertised

and if you choose these they will charge you extra  for this

so please click on this link here

after open

it will show you a window like this

Click on Apply

choose the best suitable option for you and press continue

then click on agree and press continue

then fill in all details matched with your ds-160 Application form

and email address

choose password and 

press agree on both

and then continue

 (confirm confirmation email in the inbox)

you will need to fill in details again

the ds-160 number means application number

and date of birth and more

and most important step is VISA CLASS


also same for business and tourism

after that click create Applicant

it will show you the option if you wish to add another applicant

means if you wish to get same-day interview with your family and friends

but they have to fill DS-160 form for each person

after clicking at create applicant you are all set

this is for sign up the first time

4. if you have already signed up then

click on sign in

you can also reschedule an appointment at this site only

after  when will have to come back here to reschedule an appointment

or cancel

you can just click continue 

and then you need to sign in by clicking here


sign in 

then this will appear on the screen

if you have selected add applicant then

it will show 2 or more applicants here

then press the green continue button for whom you wanna pay fees and book an appointment

for pay fees and book appointment

then click on choose delivery location

then following window will pop up

as you can see on the top after filling in details its step for payment

and then it’s for schedule an appointment 

and the last one will be for instructions

please make sure to put the correct address and name

of the person/yourself

who will pick up your passport

from the location, you have chosen

and you will get email confirmation about your appointment

5. reschedule an appointment

if you wish to reschedule an appointment

please sign in to the same account

and click on  continue

and choose to reschedule

and choose location

and date and time

and click reschedule 

you will get an email confirmation

and choose a suitable date for your appointment

5. need an emergency visa appointment?

usually, people charge for this hundred of dollars  and then also sometimes you do not get an appointment

no one can get it to you its all depends on the officer who is viewing your request

but don’t worry you can do it by yourself for free 

but yes your reason should be perfect

Click on Request Expedite

Click on the green button Request Expedite

after the new window will open you can give the reason that why do you need an emergency appointment

you can give your reason there it can be

medical treatment reason

employment reason etc.

you must write all details about your reason

for example, if you wish to drive truck to THE UNITED STATES

you must write your total experience of driving and why you want to drive a truck to states

and what company you will work for

and why your company need urgent us drivers etc.

and you will get an email confirmation

also, the officer will contact you by email if they found your concern reasonable they will give you a visa interview appointment as soon as possible

please note you can do it only once 

(if you need to do it again you will need to pay fees again)

when you have used it once it will show you a message like this

if they do not approve your request and you still want  to get an interview appointment faster

you should try to reschedule appointment frequently because you never know when you get a free spot

try it every time when you get a chance to do

or you apply again by filling new DS160 and making a payment again

6. what do you need to take with you for the interview

usually, they don’t allow anything with you except documents

you must take your passport

job letter (if you are working)

recent pay stubs (if applicable)

driver’s license (you must take if applying as a truck driver)

work permit

marriage certificate (if applicable )

Enrolment letter from college(if you are a student)

photo(not older than 6 months) with the stamp of the date of taken photo

and most important DS-160 confirmation page and appointment confirmation page

please note if you made any mistake in DS160 or you have filled that form last year or 6 months earlier and you need to update information on that

you cannot make changes to DS160 after confirmation

yes you can fill another DS160 form and get a confirmation number

go to the same account where you have booked an appointment

choose to continue

and choose Cancel appointment

and after cancellation, you can click

edit and now you will be able to Edit all details

passport number and DS160 number etc.

update with new DS160 confirmation number

and then Schedule  a new appointment

so its how you can change DS160 without paying double fees

we wish you all the best

you can apply for this  from any country 

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