How To Get USA Visa Appointment

Do you need to apply for USA VISA?

if you need your travel history for the united states for any purpose click here

otherwise, read this post if you are applying for the first time or after expiring your Us visa Click On This Link

There Is 3 Ways To Get USA Visa Appointment

  1. Normal Process When We Apply For Visa
  2. Request Expedite Emergency Appointment 
  3. Via E-Mail Request 

Normal Process When We Apply For Visa

After Fill DS160 Forms We Need To Pay Fee Embassy Fee And Book Appointment this is the first step we need to do

just search google book appointment for us visa interview, it will show you like this

and we choose the 2nd one which is advertised

and if you choose these they will charge you extra for this

so please click on this link here

after open

Click on Apply

choose the best suitable option for you and press continue

then click on agree and press continue

then fill in all details matched with your ds-160 Application form

and email address

choose password and

press agree on both

and then continue


(confirm confirmation email in the inbox)

you will need to fill in details again

the ds-160 number means application number

and date of birth and more

and most important step is VISA CLASS


also same for business and tourism

after that click create Applicant

it will show you the option if you wish to add another applicant

means if you wish to get a same-day interview with your family and friends

but they have to fill DS-160 form for each person

after clicking at create applicant you are all set

this is for sign up the first time

4. if you have already signed up then

click on sign in

you can also reschedule an appointment at this site only
after when will have to come back here to reschedule an appointment

or cancel

you can just click continue

and then you need to sign in by clicking here


sign in


then this will appear on the screen

if you have selected add applicant then

it will show 2 or more applicants here

then press the green continue button for whom you wanna pay fees and book an appointment

for pay fees and book appointment


then click on choose delivery location

then following window will pop up


as you can see on the top after filling in details its step for payment

and then it’s for schedule an appointment

and the last one will be for instructions


please make sure to put the correct address and name

of the person/yourself

who will pick up your passport

from the location, you have chosen

and you will get email confirmation about your appointment

5. reschedule an appointment

if you wish to reschedule an appointment

please sign in to the same account

and click on continue


and choose to reschedule



and choose location

and date and time


and click reschedule

you will get an email confirmation

and choose a suitable date for your appointment


Request Expedite Emergency Appointment 

usually, people charge for this hundred of dollars and then also sometimes you do not get an appointment

no one can get it to you its all depends on the officer who is viewing your request

but don’t worry you can do it by yourself for free

but yes your reason should be perfect if we are talking about my reason so i am a truck driver i mention (i am a long haul truck drive with this company (company name) they want me to send usa for urgent company loads you please i request you to give me a emergency appointment near my location asap.

Thankyou best regards Aman).

same you can put your reason but make sure its good enough to convince visa officer.

So Login your appointment portal and  Click on the green button Request Expedite

after the new window will open you can give the reason that why do you need an emergency appointment

you can give your reason there it can be

medical treatment reason

employment reason etc.

you must write all details about your reason

for example, if you wish to drive the truck to THE UNITED STATES

you must write your total experience of driving and why you want to drive the truck to states

and what company you will work for

and why your company need urgent us drivers etc.

and you will get an email confirmation

also, the officer will contact you by email if they found your concern reasonable they will give you a visa interview appointment as soon as possible

please note you can do it only once

(if you need to do it again you will need to pay fees again)

when you have used it once it will show you a message like this


if they do not approve your request and you still want to get an interview appointment faster

you should try to reschedule appointments frequently because you never know when you get a free spot.


Via E-Mail Request 

This Is the last option after request emergency appointment if your emergency appointment rejected you can’t make it agin then you need to put an email to portal which is help to get appointments they are rejected too for 2 3 times but they are fix your appointment after rejecting 2 3 time its my personal experience i got the appointment after rejecting my emergency request

i requested via email and after rejections they email to me my new appointment in Toronto before that when i fill Ds 160 forms i got my first appointment in Calgary so guys its not a big deal you can get your appointment so i will provide the E-Mail Below Which Is Help You To Make Your Appointment.

This Is The

You Can Send Your Request This Email Hope So This Information Helpful For You.

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