How to Get (PCC) from India

why you need PCC

if you are an Indian Citizen or spent few months  in India

and applying for any immigration application if they ask you to get Police Clearance Certificates

form all countries you have lived in for more than months in last 10 years or after the age of 18

then you have to apply for Indian Police Clearance Certificate  PCC

Click here if you need PCC from India and you are living in Australia 

how to apply for PCC

first, you need to go to BLS’s website click here for the link

and scroll down you will see the following options

in the column  passport, you will see police clearance click there

or you can click here for that page

the following window will pop up

then click on requirements

then click on click here 

then in the following window choose your country from where you are applying for PCC

when you choose Canada next window will be

Click on register

please make sure you have to register accounts for every applicant

for example, if you are also applying for a spouse then you have to register two accounts

but yes anyone can submit an application at the BLS office on your behalf  its not required that the applicant need to go there

but the application must be signed by the applicant

so after clicking on register, you have to fill following details

then you will get an email to confirm please confirm that

after you have to sign in,  in the previous window where is user login

after login, the next window will pop up with all options

choose to Apply for a police clearance certificate

choose according to you

but if applying for PR you must choose

immigration purposes other than citizenship

fill all the details choose the country where PCC is required

choose Canada if it’s for Canada

then most complicated is file number

the file number is on the last page of your passport

you can check this picture to get an idea


Click on next

you must fill

Aadhaar Number (if available), Voter ID number OR PAN

please click on save each time before pressing next

fill Indian address as on passport

and choose a local  police station for your town or area

fill Canadian address

answer following questions

and click on next for review

choose a place where are you today  for example city or town

if you find anything wrong and need to correct it

you can do it, just click on the back button

if everything is correct

then click on agree and submit

Click on the green button to validate 

then following window will pop up

then click on the green home button

you can see in the picture your file here at the bottom

and if you also wanna apply for your spouse or other family member click on the same button

apply for Police Clearance Certificate

then do everything the same as you did for your application

please write Indian home address as it’s on your passport do not go with your spouse’s home address

yes if it’s updated on your passport then you can go with that

then click on the small button in the select column then you will see the following options

so click on the Print Application form

then you will get your application form ready here

print the form and


please check again every single detail and paste your picture

  • Provide 1 photo of size 51mm x 51mm.

and do not sign on the picture sign below the picture where is space for a sign

and sign again at the end of the application where it is required

then click here

choose your city in the forms/checklist

then click on the checklist because we have already printed the application form


or you can get a checklist for Toronto by clicking here

then you should print it and you must gather copies of the required documents

for passport copies of the front page, last page. and all visa stamps and arrival, departure stamps pages

copy of your work permit, study permit, PR card

copy of  marriage certificate (if applicable)

copy of and Canadian(current residence ) proof of address 

Driver’s license or utility bill

no bank statement accepted

copy of any Indian id if applicable 

signed application form

signed checklist form


now you have 2 options to submit

1 you can go to the BLS office with all required  documents

you can pay fees there in-person cash or by card

if the applicant does not want to go to the BLS office that’s fine you can send anybody

2 you can schedule the  pickup click here

then  choose the option which one you want

also you  need to make PAYMENT in the same portal

Police Clearance Certificate (Indian Passport Holder) 31 3 7.40 41.40
2 Police Clearance Certificate (Canadian/Foreign Passport holder) 31 3 7.40 41.40


After submitting the application 

you will get a receipt from the office if you applied in person

so on the receipt, there will be numbers 21-123456789 etc.

to track your application status click here

then you will need to choose

submission type walk-in or postal

for postal you will need to fill in these details and click on the track application

for a Walk-in application, you will need to fill in these details and click on track application

then you will be able to track it

you will also get an email for that when the SP office will receive it

if it’s showing that pending at SP office

then send someone to the local police station to talk with this concern

but usually, police officers go to your back home address they will collect some information

and will take pictures of your home and they may ask your Indian proofs also

and if you do not have your spouse’s name on your passport and they are trying to make any issue regarding that then you know the best how to request to police officers there

because it happened with many of the applicants

and they got rejected their applications

and many got PCC without spouse names on passports so it’s all up to officers who do verification

when its all done from their side they will send it back to the Indian embassy to stamp it

then you will get it at your home address or you have to go to the BLS office contact them if you do not get it or ask them for another tracking number because sometimes they send it back by the third party

keep tracking

PCC is valid for 6 months only

we wish you all the best

thank you for reading

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