How to get discount on Auto insurance?

hi truckers today you gonna save a bunch of money on an auto insurance policy

we know insurance prices are very high especially in GTA and in Ontario and British Columbia 

many factors work in the high auto insurance

such as driving experience, age, traffic tickets, license suspension, accidents and more

but in the few parts of Canada, auto insurance is very High even you do not have any tickets

so many people give wrong addresses to insurance companies to save their money what they do not have any idea what it will cost them to give a false statement to insurance and the government

and many people drive vehicles without any insurance policy which you their foolish mistake

its an offence to drive without insurance and you can be charged with up to 10000 dollars or finer if any officer pulls you over

and if you are involved in an accident then you may have to go to court

what if you drive with a suspended license we will post regarding this too

but today we gonna give you a trick so you can save your money on auto insurance

what to do?

you need to become a member of the Canadian Truckers Association 

Click here for the link

you must have a valid DZ OR AZ license 

then click on become a member

then choose plan


this is an annual payment not monthly you just need to pay once in advance if you need next year do this same thing again

it doesn’t matter are working on a corporation or payroll you must choose individually if  you do not run a company with at least 15 or more employees

Click on sign up

fill all information

and click on the register

and make a payment

you will get a Receipt in the email

then call your insurance company and say that you are now a member of the Canadian Truckers Association 

and you need insurance discounts

you can get  at least 20% or more discount

and for more information and benefits  about this membership visit their official site click here

please call your insurance company first and ask if they accept it and then get a membership

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