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what’s PNP

PNP is a provincial nominee program to get PR

once you get PNP it’s easy to get PR

what do you need to do to get PNP

you have to find an employer who will provide the support you to get PNP

you have to get a job offer from your employer (not LMIA) with no end date means the permanent job

and you cannot change employer once you have applied for PNP until you get your PR

and you cannot leave the province even you get PNP until you get PR if you do you will not get PR yes you can go to another province and come back but you should not work in another province until you are not PR

you need some experience in the same job but it can be from different employers

I said some experience  because it’s not the same everywhere

for example, you need a minimum of 9months 1560 hours minimum experience in the last 3 years

and a minimum of 1-year full-time work experience in Nova Scotia in a high skilled trade within the last 3 years (or the equivalent hours in part-time work)

and more provinces like Yukon and Prince Edward Island et. have also easy ways to get PR

but for today we are going to discuss only the Ontario PNP program

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)(PNP)

PNP stream for foreign worker stream and international stream you must have job and experience in NOC 0 A OR B

which is a little hard to get these job types are usually of managers or supervisors and your employer must help you with PNP

but for in-demand  skills stream is easier it also include Truck drivers and many more jobs 

Click below on the name of all streams to find if all eligibility and job details   and job offer details

you can click at any stream PNP here to get information

basic PNP requirements for all streams

you have to meet 3  Requirements and these are in all streams

1. job offer requirements

your employer must issue you a job offer

it should include what kind of job offer your employer must provide you, it should be written on a job offer that you are a full-time permanent employee of the company and your job have no end date

your job NOC should be written on the job letter for example NOC7511 for truck drivers

minimum weekly hours of your work

and what your pay and what’s are your job responsibilities etc.

2. applicant requirements

it includes educational requirements

work experience etc.

3. employer requirements 

it includes the income and revenue of the employer

he must have 5 Canadian citizen workers

he just signed an employer form 

you can find this form in employer requirements in any stream

to get employer forms for all streams of employer job offers 

0233E Download File From Click On This Link

what documents needed how to get

you just need your documents you do not need to get any personal documents from the employer

you just need an employer form from an employer

if government need any information they will ask them

for all streams, you need digital copies of all required documents

you must have language proficiency test results

you must download your adobe acrobat dc to open the employer form

Click on any stream we have provided earlier scroll down and you will find all details also that how much it will cost you

how to apply

you must create a one key account first


you need to apply for PNP by E-filing portal

some times it’s unavailable if you see that message please check it back

you have to create a profile there

After creating a profile, you must then register an expression of interest for the Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills stream. if applying for the same

what’s an expression of interest

it’s new a policy like a point system if you create a profile in this they will sort applications on draw bases and who have more experience, more HIGER CLB, higher education they will have more points and they will get invitation first

then you just need to upload all documents pay the fees and submit the application

then Ontario government will issue you an invitation to apply for PR if they found you eligible

please note truck drivers have to apply for PNP  by in-demand skills stream

and for in-demand skills stream, you just need (CLB) level 4 or higher 

you can apply everything by yourself you do not need to go to anyone please save your, money and share our website

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