Apply health card (MSP) in British Columbia

as we already posted that how you can apply for Ontario health card and Alberta Health card

today we are giving you information regarding British Columbia (BC) health card which is called as Personal Health Number (PHN). you can get it by enrolling in  Medical Services Plan (MSP)


Health is our real wealth and PHN is  your money saver

we must follow healthy diet plans to stay healthy health insurance or health care is very important because treatments and doctor’s visits are the most expensive things all around the world

if you are planning baby then you should also apply for a health card because otherwise, you have to pay all expenses

if you are a student usually your college provides you transit and health insurance but if you are a visitor you need to get paid health insurance for your safety

Who can apply for HEALTH CARD PHN

if  you Are PR (Permanent resident)or on a work permit then you may eligible for a free health care you just need to fulfil few requirements


when to apply

All B.C. residents must enrol in the Medical Services Plan (MSP). AS soon as you get eligible to do

If you are new to Canada, apply for MSP as soon as you arrive. Your coverage may start three months after your arrival date in British Columbia. You should get private health care insurance while you wait.

because it’s very expensive to afford medical services without any insurance coverages

How to apply and renew

Apply Online

The online application takes about 15 minutes to complete

this is the application form for MSP with all instructions please click here

please fill this form and have digital copies of the following documents

have your identification(click here for identification details) ready for everyone on the application

it can be your WORK or STUDY PERMIT

Driver’s license

PR card

record of landing

Canadian Birth certificate

Canadian passport

Canadian CITIZENSHIP Card etc.

supporting documents

Marriage certificate

Legal name change {if applicable }

Click here to complete the application 


if you wish to APPLY BY MAIL

all documents are the same as we mentioned above, provide paper copies of documents with application form printed and signed

click here for the application


Mail the completed application form to:

Health Insurance BC
Medical Services Plan
PO Box 9678 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC   V8W 9P7

what you should do right after getting a health card?

you should go to any doctor’ clinic to appoint her/him as your family doctor

and they will do your complete physical checkup and blood tests if needed

so you can be aware of your overall health

and you can work on your diet and exercise if needed

and it’s all covered by a health card you do not need to pay for it

what’s a family doctor?

family doctors analyze patient’s reports and give prescription medicine if needed

this is the only family doctor to whom you will tell about your health issues

so they can give you the best advice because they already know your medical history

they also update everything on health card from time to time that what medications you are currently taking/you were taking

because in the case of emergency when you need to go to Hospital they may not be able to contact your doctor

but they will have all data already on health card so you do not need to worry about it

also, a health card is one more government’s issued ID

if you are going to get the covid-19 vaccine 

you should take your health card with you if applicable

so it will be updated on your health card

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