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WES  world education services

ECA An Educational credential assessment (ECA) is used to verify that your foreign degree, diploma, or certificate (or other proof of your credential) is valid and equal to a Canadian one. There are different types of ECAs. You need to get an ECA for immigration purposes.

what you need to apply for ECA WES

you must have a valid passport

Degrees and Marks sheets

start and end date of degree


credit card

then follow these steps

Click on the link to go to their website

click on sign in

if you have an account if you do not have

then  click here

once you click on create an account

choose Canada or US

you will see all available options


Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

if you need it for immigration purposes

click on start application

then it will ask for your email address

provide your email then you will get an email

with Verification code fill that one where that is required


then verification will be complete

then fill in all the details

choose password and security answers

and create an account

then you can see all steps at the top

and fill phone number with country code

and more details

Press the next button at the bottom


it will show you

this window

you can click on the required documents  according to your degree if you need more information

Click on Add Credential

then you can fill in all details about your degree

then click on save

as you can see in this window you can add another Credential

if have more than one degree

when you press next it will ask you to add a mailing address

add your current address

now you can choose next day option if you need it urgent

then click on next and it will show you all details of the due amount

for this service

then it will show you the required documents checklist when you press next


and then again press next

it will be a review of your order

Click on boxes to agree

press next

it will again ask you to confirm  your personal information

Click on confirm then the next window will be for payment

choose payment method

and click on submit

you will get submission confirmation in the email and it will show you in the account which we have created for that

and when you will make a payment you will get a reference number

that you will use in the academic request form

which is your next step

to get access to the academic request form click here

you will need to fill 2 forms if you have two degrees

but you can use the same reference number

then after completing this form

print it and take it to university if you want fast processing 

or send to the university by someone and they have to pay the fees at university

once they finished it there

they (your university) will  send everything directly back to the following address

once transcripts reached back at this address

you will get back at your mailing address  and information in your email address

those transcripts  will be in a sealed envelope make sure your name is correct on it

and here you go

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