Apply for Manitoba PNP

what is PNP

PNP is Provincial Nominee Program

you can say when you get nomination from the province you are almost PR

because you have only one step left that is to apply for PR

if you already got an invitation to apply click here to apply for PR

if not do worry we are going to explain to you each and every step to apply Manitoba PNP

we have also posted about Ontario PNP click here for that

there are 3 Streams in Manitoba PNP

and each has 3 steps to follow we will show you pictures in this post and links to the provincial website for each stream

and we will show you all steps for SKILLED WORKERS STREAM

so you can get an idea even you are applying for another stream just follow those all steps and choose options and answers according to you, sounds good?

let’s get begin

to check who cannot apply for PNP click here

1. Skilled Workers Stream

Manitoba PNP skilled workers stream  supports 2 types of skilled workers

skilled workers in Manitoba

Click here and complete all steps as you can see in the picture

and click here to check eligibility

skilled workers overseas 

2. International Education Stream (IES) 

If you are an international student who graduated in another province of Canada, you will not be eligible under this stream but may be eligible under the renewed Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream.

if you completed a study in Manitoba then you can apply for the IES

steps you need to complete click here to open this window to complete steps and to get more information. about this steam


3. Business Investor Stream 

Click here for more information and to apply for this stream

and this window will open

Click on any option which you wanna apply for

then you will see an option that how you can express your interest in that stream click there

How to apply for MPNP AND EOI PROFILE

MPNP IS EOI based PNP which means an expression of interest we are showing you for skilled worker stream but you can do this for any stream by following these steps just chose answers according to you

so now we are giving you details about the skilled worker’s stream within Manitoba 

so you will get an idea that how to apply for any stream

so if you are graduated from another province and moved to Manitoba for PNP and PR

this is for you

you have 2 options in this stream

1. Manitoba Work Experience Pathway click here to check all details and requirements

2. Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway click here to check all details and requirements

after check requirements, if you find yourself eligible then click here 

and follow all steps

when we click on step 1 click here to open the next window

you will see these all factors with their points

this is based on the expression of interest get more points you will get an invitation

you can click on any of these then all details will be on the screen with the points

for example, we click on Language Proficiency

and all details are on the screen

Click here to create a profile for EOI Expression of interest 

this is for all streams just answers will be different as we are showing you

login if you already have an account if not click on new users to register an account

fill all details and create an account

then you will see

and click on return

or click here to login

both options will take you to the following screen

choose applicant if you are applying by yourself

and press next

and fill in your first and last name

press next

choose yes or no

next is a very important part of multiple questions choose all answers according to what we 

are choosing as I am moved from another province and have graduated within Canada outside of Manitoba and you must know your job NOC code for current job as we are filling NOC7511 as TRUCK DRIVER

press next

you will see warning that you cannot modify your answers later

so please choose all answers very carefully

press ok

fill all these details

and click on save and next

answer all questions please choose according to you

choose yes for study related question

choose funds according to your family size

click on save next

if showing  any document required  upload

then upload and press next

then review the information

by clicking

and press next if everything is correct

click on next

it will show you no document required

if its showing required document then upload

press next

then click to accept declaration and click on submit EOI-SW

sw stands for skilled workers

please note

candidate can have only one active EOI at a time

you may submit a new profile once your current EOI expires

when you submit your profile you will wait for invitation

once you get invitation

then you can apply for MPNP

if you have received a letter to advice to apply LAA

then login to the same account where we submitted profile for EOI

and get access to MPNP full application

you will have 60 days from the date of your LAA to submit the complete application

the MPNP charges $500 non refundable application fee for the skilled workers

and you must prove all the claims you made in EOI

click here to get more information about documents and about MPNP

and submit your application there

once you get nomination from province


now you can apply for Permanent Residency

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