Apply for Employment insurance

if you are not capable  to work or you are sick, injured or you are pregnant

then you can apply for Employment Insurance (EI)and the Canadian Government will pay you in the meantime

Requirements to apply for EI

you must be Taxpayer

you should have worked in last 12 months minimum of 600 hours but due to covid its 300 hours estimated please click here for accurate information

you must have a valid Social insurance Number click here if you need to renew or apply

you must have a valid immigration status if it expires soon you click here if you need to extend any permit and you can upload the confirmation letter for extension

record of employment

get a record of employment from all employers of the last 12 months

some time they do not provide it you

call and email every employer and request them to provide your ROE record of employment to Service Canada

once they uploaded from their side you will be able to see in your service Canada account

okay let’s come to the point

Click here to go to service Canada’s website

click on if first time started the application in last 72 hours

and once we start the application and you may have to exit

and  come back to complete the application next time then you will click on this link click on yes

click on continue

choose your option

And continue

please make sure to choose all answers by yourself

now the most important is the type of benefits you are applying for

What type of benefits are you applying for? 

Regular benefits: you have lost your job (through no fault of your own) and you are available for and able to work, but can’t find a job.

 Fishing benefits: you are a self-employed person engaged in fishing.

choose according to you

please note if you are pregnant then also you can apply for sickness if you are unable to do work

and then later on your maternity benefits will be issued if they found you eligible for that

choose any and press continue

fill the all details and press continue

you will get a temporary code

on the screen

once you put postal code

you will see your street name AND FILL your house or apartment number

and click on yes it’s my residential address

and press continue

choose everything according  to you press continue



most important is banking information please fill everything correctly

so you will get money in the right account

press continue

fill date of your permit

press continue

please note if you have any  required documents  then you can upload

if you do not have the required document for example doctor’s certificate

you do not need to worry about it you can upload it later

or if you are pregnant then usually Service Canada just asks you about due date of delivery

and you may not need to upload 

and upload your work/study permit or PR card


and provide employment details

And continue

choose according to you

and press continue

and fill earnings details and choose per hour/year



Fill job title and choose from the window

choose anyone and press continue

choose yes or no


* This is a required question for the last 52 weeks, did you have any other periods of work? (with the same employer or other employers)

choose yes or no

and press continue

This is a required question you have an injury as the result of a motor vehicle accident?

choose yes/no

click on have read and accept the above conditions.

and continue

choose yes or not for a medical certificate


* This is a required questionAre you now or will you be receiving a pension within the next 52 weeks?


answer the questions and continue

again answer the questions and continue

This is a required question you self-employed, other than fishing or farming?


* This is a required question you or will you declare farming income on your Income Tax Return?


Are you taking or will you be taking a course or training program?


This is a required question someone assists you in completing this application?


Press continue and continue

you will see the estimated amount you will receive from Service Canada

then you will need to upload documents such as a study or work permit or PR card

once everything is done here you will get your claim/file number on the screen

then you can follow up with Service Canada with that number

you will get a Secret access code in your mailbox at the mailing address

and an email with the following information

please note Service Canada may call you for additional required information

they may ask for your SIN number and UCI number of your permit

do not be afraid to answer these questions 

we know many people get fraud calls

but when you know that you have applied for EI, then you should answer the call and questions

and then you will need to submit EI reporting every two weeks

using this link or call the Telephone Reporting Service at 1-800-531-7555.

then click on the continue button

and next window will be

fill your SIN and access code

choose province

and press continue

and make reports choose an answer for every single question

such as you were in Canada for the last 15 days you are reporting for

were you capable/ willing to work

what was the reason for unemployment


other or injury/illness

please note if you are applying for sickness  benefits then you choose injury/illness

once you made the report you will see the next due date of the report

if you will try to report earlier then you will see the following message

The next step is the Service Canada account

Click here

if you already have just login otherwise register for an account

you choose any following options

you can also choose your bank its 100% because it’s Government Canada’s website

choose a bank and fill in username or card number and password and click on verify

that’s it

then choose  your login method

choose language

and your bank if registered with the bank

and login

and click on send code

you will receive a code from Service Canada by text Massage

and fill that code

then choose your option for EI Employment Insurance

now you can check the status of your claim

you can upload documents

you can check the record of employment

if any record of employment (ROE) is missing please contact that employer and request them to provide ROE to Service Canada

once they provided it will show it to your Service Canada account

when you click

record of employment

then you can see all employer names with serial numbers of ROE  last day of work etc.

 and also you can check the status of the claim and information about the latest claim

include the following information

if you do not get any response from Service Canada PLEASE CALL THEM

please note do not forget to file a report even if you do not get response then also keep filing report

because once your claim accepted by Service Canada

you will get a Lump sum amount for each and every report you made

once you start getting  paid you can call them to confirm if you do not want to make reports anymore

if they say that’s okay to do then you can stop making reports

otherwise please make sure to report

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